The Universe is guiding you and communicating with you in every second of your life. It is responding to your thoughts and it's giving you invaluable feedback through your feelings. Your feelings are cosmic communication. The good feelings mean, GOOD FOR YOU. The bad feelings are to get your attention so that you will change what you are focusing on.

Tune into the cosmic communication that is with you every day. You are never alone, not for a second. The Universe is right with you at every step, guiding you. All you have to do is listen.


a letter.

"We are all of us born with a letter inside of us, and that only if we are true to ourselves, may we be allowed to read it before we die."
~ Douglas Coupland


Revolution of Love

"Real change must now come from within you.  Gandhi called this change a power, soul force, life force, love force.  It is the fundamental force behind all nonviolent revolution and the creative intelligence of life.  The coming awakening happens in stages, and the next stage is the Revolution of Love.  Love is the organizing force behind all that is beautiful, joyful, and creative in the world.  The love that fuels this revolution starts with you. You can become an agent of love, allowing it to guide you and govern your actions. When you unleash the sentient energies of love, then for the second time in history the world's humanity will have discovered fire.  The fires of love will spread through all people.  Remember:  Love is a Force of Nature, and so are you."

~an excerpt from Garret John LoPorto's "Next Stage: Revolution of Love"


It's an inside job.

We attract to ourselves what we hold inside. Every circumstance, every person, and every situation that we attract and experience is based on what is inside of us. 

Your life is a reflection of what you hold inside you, and what you hold inside you is always under your control. What is it that you want to create?


luna in leo.

Another cycle completes and a new one is yet to begin. Tomorrow is full moon; here's a taste from Mystic Mamma:
“…The Leo Full Moon is in a trine (beneficial aspect) with Uranus. You could make positive changes in your personal life.”
“The best part of Leo is the inner child. You are to nourish and protect your childlike innocence. You are to be open to new ideas and fresh perspectives. 
“Be curious about life. Be engaged in the magic of the moment. Be in your heart.
Let go of the need to criticize and judge. This will kill your creativity. Instead, allow yourself to make mistakes. It is the only way to learn what works and what does not work for you. 
“The magic word is ‘try. ‘Try something different. Try and observe your mind and heart open.”
“There’s a tendency to go overboard in an effort to make an impression, to over-promise because you think that people need more than you have to give. The trick is to speak your truth. Give only what you have but be generous with it. Let people take from it what they will.
“At this Full Moon, this is a time to celebrate your achievements. Maybe you need to take the spotlight and face those fears. Perhaps there is something you’ve been wanting to do but it could be uncomfortable. This Moon says give it a try – in fact, it’s shouting.
“Uranus would love to show off your unique talent or perspective. Bearing in mind that Uranus is the ruler of opposite sign Aquarius, there may be an element of shaking things up, doing something you don’t normally do which effectively shines a light on you.
“Perhaps you decide to put yourself out there, despite what everyone else might think. It’s scary (Pluto) and it might hurt (Chiron) but with protective Jupiter nearby, you may walk off that life stage feeling just that bit bigger than when you walked on.


le weekend begins . . .

Woke up with my man, taught a yoga class, coffee with a dear one, Farmer's Market goodness, catching up with a good friend, yoga and then into the evening  . . .